5 Dangers of an Overpriced House

Are you planning to put your property on the market? While the prospect of setting a high list price may be alluring, it’s essential to consider the potential risks associated with such a strategy. Let’s delve into the intricacies and explore the five significant dangers you may encounter when opting to overprice your home.


Alright, so finding the perfect price for your home involves a bit more than just checking out what others are asking for in the neighborhood. It’s like a delicate dance of numbers and feelings. You want to create this awesome vibe that attracts potential buyers and gets them excited to make offers.

Now, here’s the deal: if you start with a price that’s too high, you might miss out on a bunch of fantastic buyers. We don’t want that!

Picture this: if your home’s price is more than 10% above what others are going for, you might notice a dip in the number of people checking it out. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to boost those showings:

  1. Ask for Feedback:
    Your realtor can chat with other agents and potential buyers to get some valuable feedback. It’s like getting insider info to fine-tune your pricing strategy and make your home even more appealing.
  2. Show it Off Online:
    Let’s get creative with online marketing! We’ll use social media, websites, and all the digital magic to make your home stand out. Think of it as giving your place a virtual spotlight.
  3. Snap, Snap! Professional Photos:
    Ever seen those gorgeous home photos that make you go “Wow!”? That’s what we’re aiming for. Professional pictures and a 360-degree video tour can give buyers a sneak peek and leave them wanting more.
  4. Spruce Things Up:
    A little makeover never hurts! We’ll make your home visually irresistible by paying attention to curb appeal and making some tweaks here and there. It’s like giving your home a mini makeover to charm the socks off potential buyers.
  5. Tug at Those Heartstrings:
    Buyers are emotional beings, right? Let’s tap into that. We’ll craft a story that makes your home not just a place to live but a dreamy haven they’ll want to call their own.

So, there you have it! We’re turning the ship around, making sure your home gets the attention it deserves. With the right approach, we’ll have potential buyers knocking on your door in no time! 🏡✨

Attract The Wrong Buyers

So, when it comes to selling your home, the price tag is a big deal. If you jack up the price and land in a different price neighborhood, you might end up attracting the wrong kind of buyers.

Now, when we say “wrong buyers,” it’s not about them being uncool or anything. It’s more like they’re on the hunt for a certain type of home that fits their budget. If your home is priced too high, it won’t match what they’re looking for, and you’ll spend a bunch of time trying to impress folks who aren’t really into buying your home.

But hey, don’t stress! Here’s the scoop on how to reel in the right buyers:

  1. Spice Up MLS Listings: Keep things fresh by updating your home’s online listings. Share exciting events happening around your place and throw in an RSVP to make it interactive. It’s like giving your home a cool online presence!
  2. Tap into Niche Markets: Think about special groups or markets that might be super interested in your home. Maybe it’s perfect for pet lovers, nature enthusiasts, or fans of unique architecture. Tailor your approach to these specific interests.
  3. Spread the Word through Referrals: Ask around for recommendations! Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Get your friends, family, and even your neighbors to spread the word about your awesome home. The more, the merrier!
  4. Sweeten the Deal with Incentives: Everyone loves a good deal, right? Add some sweeteners to your home sale. Maybe throw in some cool extras or discounts to make your offer even more attractive.

Instead of going after the wrong crowd, let’s focus on reeling in the perfect match for your home. With these friendly tips, you’ll have the right folks knocking on your door in no time!

5 Dangers of Overpricing

Lost in Search

The price bracket is also relevant for this issue. It’s dangerous to overprice your home because most buyers find you through online searches. If you don’t show up for the price bracket your ideal buyer is searching for, you’ll miss out.

This loss of visibility could leave your home sitting on the market and eliminate any activity it could have had.

There are ways to win in search. Of course, the first is pricing your home right. This way, you’ll be within the range of buyers who are looking for a home like yours.

You can also:
Use quality keywords and buzzwords

Add a thorough, colorful description to your post Add an array of creative photos and videos

Talk to your real estate agent about every platform on which your home can be featured, including websites and social media outlets

Helping Your Competitors

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a crucial tool that real estate professionals use to assess recently sold or currently available homes in proximity to yours. Neglecting this step or setting a too-high price without considering it can inadvertently boost your competitors.

Buyers come to the table with specific expectations based on a home’s price. If you’re trying to market a beer home with a champagne price (without the champagne quality), potential buyers are likely to move on to the next option. Additionally, buyers within a particular price range tend to compare homes. If your home is priced similarly but lacks certain desirable features, it may immediately pale in comparison to neighboring properties.

Beyond simply assisting your competition, a home lacking a comprehensive CMA could encounter challenges during the home appraisal process. It’s not just about staying competitive; it’s about ensuring a smooth journey through the entire selling process.

Too Long On The Market

Homes that are priced too high take their sweet time to find new owners. The longer a home hangs out on the market, the less attractive it seems to potential buyers. If you have to start slashing the price, it adds another layer of not-so-great vibes.

The key to a quick and quality sale is nailing the right price from the start. Here are some extra tips to speed up the process:

  1. Make it Look Amazing:
    Spruce up your place to make it look its absolute best. First impressions matter!
  2. Neutralize Your Style:
    Keep things neutral and universally appealing in your decor. It helps potential buyers envision their own style in the space.
  3. Time Your Listing Right:
    Pick the perfect time to list your home. Timing can make a big difference!
  4. Go Pro with Media:
    Get professionals to capture the beauty of your home through photos and videos. It makes your listing stand out.
  5. Be Flexible with Showings:
    Roll out the welcome mat for potential buyers by being accommodating with scheduled showings and open houses.
  6. Stand Out with Special Events:
    Make your home memorable by hosting unique events or showcases. It adds that extra special touch.
  7. Seek Feedback:
    Don’t be shy to ask for feedback. It’s like getting tips to fine-tune your home-selling game.

So, there you have it! Pricing is key, but these extra tricks will have your home flying off the market in no time! 🚀🏡

At the end of the day, pricing your home too high may actually get you less money. This is because the market will force you to lower your asking price, which looks bad to potential buyers. All of the hard- earned web traffic and showings could be undone if that number isn’t right.
Don’t take chances with this important process! I know the comps but also the psychology and additional factors to support your home’s suggested list price. Contact me today!

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